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  • taylorcustom violin locket
  • taylorcustom violin locket
  • taylorcustom violin locket

Violin Locket


Product Description

mini-violin.pngOur Violin Locket is the perfect fashion accessory for players of the violin, cello, and other instruments in the violin family! Meticulously designed and crafted, this locket is made to appeal not only to musicians and music lovers, but also to violin makers and other luthiers. Outside, the beautiful curves of this famously poignant instrument are sculpted with care, and inside, the bass bar, sound peg, corner blocks, and other elements of the violin's construction are also faithfully rendered!

The neck, fingerboard, head and tailpiece of our violin have an antiqued pewter finish that contrasts beautifully with the antiqued brass finish of its body. The halves of the locket, which open by means of a hinge cleverly integrated into the top block of the violin, are held shut with a magnetic clasp.

Comes with an adjustable-length 3mm imitation-suede necklace cord.

Other Information

5.0 cm long x 2.0 cm wide x 1.3 cm thick
Product Literature:
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
17.3 Grams
Usually ships in one business day

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