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Turbofan Keychain


Product Description

mini-turbofan.pngThis Keychain celebrates the jet engine, the revolutionary machine which has connected the disparate regions of our world better than any device since the sailboat! The engine depicted here is a two-spool turbofan, the product of decades of refinement and innovation, and the mainstay of today's jet airliner fleets.

This keychain has moving rotors, and is rendered in a three-tone coloration in order to highlight the various parts of the engine. The cowling/nacelle, and outer parts are antiqued pewter, the low-pressure (outer) spool is brass, and the high-pressure (inner) spool is bright pewter. Comes with a colorful explanatory diagram. A great educational accessory for engineers, pilots, and others with a jet-set lifestyle!

Other Information

3.8cm long x 2.3cm high x 1.9cm wide
Product Literature:
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
36.0 Grams

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