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  • trumpet with hands pendant
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Trumpet Pendant


Product Description

mini-trumpet.pngPick up our trumpet with hands pendant and you can almost hear the music! This unique sculptural piece depicts a beautiful B♭ trumpet held in the masterful hands of its musician. Rendered in an attractive two-toned finish of brightly polished pewter, and Gold-plated pewter, it is a sure hit with band members everywhere!

The trumpet, in its current form (or nearly so), is already centuries old, but its lineage is truly ancient, extending to a time before metallurgy, and into prehistory! Notwithstanding its age, the crisp, clear tones of this instrument have earned it a place in every sort of band, from more traditional brass bands and symphonies, to the most modern forms of jazz. 

Comes with an adjustable-length 2 mm leather necklace cord

Other Information

4.5 cm long X 2.6 cm high X 1.5 cm deep
Product Literature:
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
18.8 Grams

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