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Trilobite Keychain


Product Description

Paleontologists and fossil fanatics of the world, look at this! Trilobites are common fossils, but you will never find a trilobite model this complete or accurately depicted. Fully 3-dimensional, every leg joint and compound eye facet is perfectly rendered on this tiny handmade keyring! This accurately modeled keychain depicts Hollardops mesocristata, a common Devonian period trilobite of the order Phacopida found in Morocco.

For age after age, the trilobites dominated the ancient seas, a lineage which radiated out into a wide range of shapes and sizes, and filled a great diversity of ecological niches! so widespread were these arthropods, in both location and time, that they are among the most important "index fossils", helping paleontologists and geologists to accurately know when the rocks in which they are found were formed.

Works well as both a keychain, and as a zipper charm for jackets and backpacks. A great keepsake for paleontologists and fossil fanatics alike!

Other Information

Dimensions (not including keyring):
4.4 cm long X 2.2 cm wide X 1.2 cm high
Product Brochure:
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
19.0 Grams