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  • Tardigrade Necklace
  • Tardigrade Necklace
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  • Tardigrade Necklace
  • Tardigrade Necklace

Tardigrade Pendant


Product Description

mini-tardigrade-02-02.pngThis adorable little critter may be the only eight legged arthropod* you ever want to cuddle with, but the cuteness of the tardigrade belies its legendary toughness! Tardigrades, known also as water bears are tiny animals that have the amazing ability to enter a cryptobiotic state, in which they are able to resist astonishing extremes of temperature, pressure, radiation, and most amazingly, the vacuum of outer space!

Our tardigrade is meticulously crafted down to the last toe, and is cleverly posed gripping its loop with its hindmost pair of legs. A lovable fashion accessory for the many fans of these amazing animals!

Comes with your choice of cords. leather or black or stainless steel bead chain. leather cord is adjustable in length.

*the taxonomical relationship between the tardigrades and other members of the enormous clade "panarthropoda" is not yet known.

Other Information

3.5 cm long x 1.8 cm wide x 1.5 ch high
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
11.9 Grams

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