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Submarine Keychain


Product Description

mini-submarine.pngExplore the mysteries of the deep with our remarkable new submarine keychain! This intricately crafted little submarine is rendered in a classic style, of which we hope Jules Verne would approve, and like many of our other items, it opens up to reveal the marvelous inner workings of its subject.

inside the three interlocking parts of this keychain, you can see all of the essential components of the submarine. There is an engine room, a control room, and even a captain's stateroom equipped with a pipe organ! Every important detail has been included. Engine, generator, air compressor, electric motor, batteries, and much more can all be seen. There is even a bank of compressed air tanks connected to the submarine's ballast tanks!

Since ancient times humankind has dreamt of moving at will beneath the waves, and in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries our engineering prowess began to catch up with our aspirations... and now you can carry this emblem of human ingenuity and curiosity with you everywhere! A great gift for submariners and undersea explorers of all kinds!

Other Information

4.1 cm long X 2.5 cm high X 1.5 cm wide
Product Literature:
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
27.0 Grams

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