• Squid Earrings
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  • Squid Earrings
  • Squid Earring
  • Squid Earring
  • Squid Earrings
  • Squid Earrings
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Squid Earrings


Product Description

These earrings celebrate the remarkable squid!  The squid, along with their cousins the cuttlefish and octopus, comprise the group known as the coeloid cephalopods, the most intelligent of all invertebrates!

These earrings are designed so that the squid's arms spread up and around the ear-hook, enveloping the wearer's ear lobe. Rendered in an eye-catching two tone finish, with the squid's mantle finished in antiqued brass, and the head and arms finished in antiqued pewter. Great for marine biologists and anyone fond of squid and other cephalopods!

Other Information

3.2 cm high x 2.2 cm wide x 0.9 cm deep
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
7.0 Grams

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