• anatomical snail keychain
  • anatomical snail keychain with shell in open position
  • anatomical snail keychain
  • anatomical snail keychain with shell in open position
  • snail keychain product packaging
  • anatomical snail keychain
  • anatomical snail keychain

Snail Keychain


Product Description

mini-snail.pngThe molluscs have given rise to an amazing range of of complex organisms, but among all of this diversity of form and lifestyle, only the gastropods (snails and slugs) have managed to become independent of the aquatic environment in which they first evolved. Our snail keychain depicts one of these hardy and intrepid organisms, a pulmonate land snail of the family Helicidae.

Like many of our products, this snail is not just an attractive keepsake, but also a carefully researched learning aid. With the help of a cleverly concealed hinge, the shell of our snail swivels back, revealing the internal anatomy of this fascinating animal. Internal organs are portrayed in minute detail; even the afferent and efferent blood vessels in the snail's “lung” are accurately shown!

The lovely coiled shell of our snail has an antiqued brass finish that contrasts beautifully with the antiqued pewter finish of the soft-tissue parts. A unique accessory, sure to delight gardeners, invertebrate biologists, and beachcombers everywhere!

If you order the necklace option, your snail will come with an adjustable-length 2mm leather necklace cord (attached), as well as a 7/8" keyring (unattached) so that you can swap cord and keyring if you change your mind.

Other Information

3.5 cm long X 1.7 cm wide X 1.7 cm high
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
26.0 Grams

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