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  • pewter smilodon skull
  • pewter smilodon skull
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Smilodon Skull Keychain


Product Description

mini-smilodon.pngIf you are a fan of pleistocene megafauna, or of big cats, then you will love this item! This keychain faithfully depicts the skull of Smilodon, the largest member of the subfamily Machairodontinae (saber-toothed cats) . Smilodon was a ferocious hunter that lived during the last ice age, approximately 12,000 years ago.

This Smilodon skull is accurately reproduced from nature and is painstakingly hand carved and cast in small batches out of genuine pewter. Can be used as either a keychain or a zipper pull. Perfect for the cat-loving paleontologist in your life!

Other Information

Dimensions (not including keyring):
3.1 cm long X 1.8 cm high X 1.9 cm wide
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
20.0 Grams

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