• salamander life cycle necklace
  • salamander life cycle necklace
  • salamander necklace
  • salamander necklace
  • salamander necklace
  • salamander life cycle necklace
  • salamander necklace
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Salamander Life Cycle Necklace


Product Description

mini-salamander.pngIf you are a naturalist or nature lover, you will love this highly unique necklace, which depicts the full life-cycle of the spotted salamander! This beautifully and accurately rendered adult salamander opens up to reveal its larval (tadpole) form which, in turn, opens up to reveal a beautiful salamander egg crafted by Jane Hartman of Trilobite Glassworks!

The spotted salamander, a close relation of the tiger salamander, can be found in moist habitats throughout Eastern North America. Like other amphibians, the larval form of this animal is fully aquatic, as can be seen by its diminutive limbs, large tail-fin, and feathery external gills. The adult stage of this salamander is rendered in antiqued pewter, and the tadpole is rendered in an antiqued brass, and the egg is represented by a beautiful freshwater pearl.

Comes with an adjustable-length 2mm leather necklace cord.

Other Information

5.1 cm long X 2.6 cm wide X 1.2 cm tall
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
Special thanks to Rosemary Mosco
24.5 Grams

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