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Pschent Pharaonic Crown Pendant


Product Description

mini-pschent-03.pngThis 2 part pendant depicts the famous double crown worn by the ruler of the unified kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt. Known as the Pschent, this distinctive headgear was made by combining the white crown of Upper (Southern) Egypt and the red crown of Lower (Northern) Egypt. For the better part of human history, the wearer of this crown presided over the well ordered rhythms of life along the Nile, and now you can wear it either as a single unit, or divided into two separate pendants.

Our Pschent is made in attractive two-toned finish. The crown of Upper Egypt, also known as the Hedjet, has a pewter finish, and the crown of Lower Egypt, also known as the Deshret, has a brass finish. The Hedjet bears, on its front, the vulture associated with the Upper Egyptian goddess Nekhbet, while the Deshret bears the cobra (or uraeus) associated with the Lower Egyptian goddess Wadjet. On the back of each crown are inscribed the hieroglyphic symbols that signify it.

Comes with two adjustable-length leather necklace cords. A unique fashion accessory for Egyptologists and anyone fascinated by the timeless civilization of Ancient Egypt!

The little pharaoh busts that the pendants are displayed on in several of the photographs do not come with the pendant, but we will provide CAD files on request, so that you can create your own with a 3D printer!

Other Information

Dimensions (Complete):
4.0 cm high x 1.8 cm wide x 2.3 cm deep
Dimensions (hedjet):
4.0 cm high x 1.5 cm wide x 2.1 cm deep
Dimensions (deshret):
3.2 cm high x 1.8 cm wide x 2.3 cm deep
20.6 Grams