• Opabinia keychain
  • Opabinia keychain
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  • Opabinia keychain
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  • Opabinia keychain

Opabinia Keychain


Product Description

When paleontologists first described their reconstruction of Opabinia, the response was laughter! Opabinia (Opabinia regalis) was first found in the famous Burgess Shale fossil formation. With its unprecedented 5 eyes, and its prehensile proboscis, opabinia is among the strangest of the strange animals that swam Earth's seas in the Cambrian era (about half a billion years ago).

This opabinia keychain is a meticulously crafted representation of what may be the most odd and unexpected fossil find ever. Comes with an adjustable-length 2 mm leather necklace cord. A great accessory for fossil hunters and anyone interested in prehistoric life!

Other Information

5.2 cm long x 2.0 cm wide x 0.7 cm thick
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
18.5 Grams