• Oak Seedling Pendant
  • Oak Seedling Pendant
  • Oak Seedling Pendant
  • Oak Seedling Pendant
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Oak Seedling Pendant


Product Description

The seedling of a tree is an emblem of interconnectedness with the ecosystem, especially so with the oak, which plays host to an unusually large community of epiphytes, parasites and symbionts. This pendant depicts a newly sprouted oak, a tree which is of key ecological importance, and which has been the object of human reverence for millennia.

The acorn has an antiqued brass finish that contrasts beautifully with the antiqued pewter finish of the acorn cap and the root and shoot systems. A unique botanical accessory sure to delight squirrels, elves and other forest lovers!

Comes with your choice of necklace-cords: Leather or black or stainless-steel bead chain. Leather cord is adjustable in length.

Other Information

5.0 cm high x 3.7 cm wide x 1.4 cm deep
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
15.0 Grams