• Mitochondrion Locket with outer and inner membranes open
  • Mitochondrion Locket with outer membrane open
  • Mitochondrion Locket in closed position
  • Mitochondrion Locket
  • Mitochondrion Locket packaging
  • Mitochondrion Locket
  • Mitochondrion Locket  with outer membrane open
  • Mitochondrion Locket with keyring

Mitochondrion Locket


Product Description

mini-mitochondrion.pngAdorn yourself with the mighty mitochondrion! A remarkable organelle, so critical to life, and yet so rarely represented in art...

The outer membrane of our mitochondrion, cast in brightly polished pewter, opens up to reveal the convoluted inner membrane, antiqued to emphasize its details. This inner membrane  also opens, revealing the ribosomes, DNA, and other structures in the matrix within!

The incredible importance of this organelle is indicated by the presence of mitochondria, often in great numbers, in almost all eukaryotic cells.  The mitochondrion, not coincidentally similar in appearance to our bacterium, is known best as the cellular dynamo, the source of most of the cell's adenosine triphosphate (ATP), but it is also known to play many other important roles in the life and death of the cell. A unique gift for biologists, students, or anyone interested in the science of life!

If you order the necklace option, your mitochondrion will come with an adjustable-length 3mm x 1mm imitation-suede necklace cord (attached), as well as a 7/8" keyring (unattached) so that you can swap cord and keyring if you change your mind.

Other Information

3.2 cm long (not including loop) x 1.4 cm wide x 1.2 cm high
Product Diagram:
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
22.0 Grams

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