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Magnetic Planet Earth Necklace


Product Description

Our planet Earth necklace shows not only continental masses, but tectonic boundaries and mountain forming (orogenous) zones as well! For all of its surface detail, the best feature of this necklace is inside: The Eastern and Western Hemispheres are held together by magnets, illustrating the Earth's magnetic core, and allowing the necklace to serve as its own clasp.

Comes with an adjustable length 2mm leather necklace cord.
-Please use with care. Fingers and other body parts can become pinched between magnets.;
-Exercise caution around computers and other sensitive electronic devices. Strong magnets can cause damage to magnetic media such as computer discs, credit and ID cards, video and audio tape, etc.;
-Do not place in close proximity to a person with a pacemaker or similar medical device, since powerful magnets can interfere with the operation of such devices. 

28.0 Grams

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