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Kangaroo Keychain


Product Description

Our baby kangaroo (also known as a joey) is irresistibly cute! Painstakingly hand carved and cast in genuine pewter. A great accessory for any lover of Australia or of marsupials!

Kangaroos, wallabies and wallaroos all belong to the marsupial family known as the macropods, whose name derives from the Greek words for "long foot". This aptly named group is famous for the distinctive two-legged hopping gait that allows it to traverse the vast Australian outback with unparalleled speed and efficiency. A true emblem of the great island continent of Australia, and its peculiar wildlife rendered here in all of its adorableness!

Can be used as a keychain or as a zipper pull for jackets and backpacks.

Other Information

3.9 cm long X 2.6 cm high X 1.9 cm wide
Made in the USE of Genuine Pewter
20.7 Grams