• Samurai helmet keychain
  • Samurai helmet keychain
  • Samurai helmet keychain
  • Samurai helmet keychain
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Kabuto Samurai Helmet Keychain


Product Description

mini-kabuto.pngTrained from youth to bravery, honor, and skill with a wide variety of martial tools and techniques, the samurai embody the warrior spirit with a completeness unmatched! Even the most mundane aspect of the Samurai's life was designed to cultivate the Warrior Way, or "Bushido", and with this meticulously crafted Kabuto, or Samurai Helmet, you can carry a token of this ideal.

The top piece (hachi), and the face mask (mempo) are finished in antiqued pewter, while the fringe (Shikoro), side wings (Fukigaeshi), and other parts are finished in antiqued brass, giving our samurai helmet a timeless appeal. A great accessory with which to face mounted soldiers and other adversities!

Available as both a keychain and as a necklace. If you order the necklace option, your Kabuto will come with an adjustable-length 2mm leather necklace cord (attached), as well as a 7/8" keyring (unattached) so that you can swap cord and keyring if you change your mind.

Other Information

2.7 cm tall x 2.6 cm wide x 2.8 cm deep
21.5 Grams