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Grand Piano Locket


Product Description

mini-grand-piano.pngOur Grand Piano Locket is a lovingly crafted homage to this most venerable of musical instruments! Carefully researched and designed to appeal not only to players, but to teachers, builders, tuners and technicians as well, this "locket" opens up to reveal every detail of the piano's construction.

On top, is the "plate", or "frame", which in a piano is made of cast iron, and which bears the incredible tension of hundreds of taught steel strings. Below the plate is the soundboard, which bears the bass and treble bridges, over which the strings of a piano are stretched, and through which the strings transmit their vibrations to the soundboard, and then to the surrounding air. Lift the soundboard to see the supporting ribs, carefully shaped to produce the desired tone, and below these, the massive beams which serve as the structure for the entire instrument. Lastly, there is the keyframe, which pulls forward from the front face of the piano to reveal the action and the hammers which transmit the musician's intent to the strings.

The piano, or pianoforte, and its antecedents such as the harpsichord, have been central to the musical world for hundreds of years. The instrument of choice for composers and performers since the golden age of classical music, the piano, and its electronic descendants have also become critical components of ragtime, jazz, and other genres of modern music.

Both a beautiful keepsake, and a valuable learning aid. A well-tempered accessory music makers and lovers alike!

If you order the necklace option, your piano will come with an adjustable-length 2 mm leather necklace cord (attached), as well as a 7/8" keyring (unattached) so that you can swap cord and keyring if you change your mind.

Other Information

2.9 cm wide x 3.0 cw long x 0.9 cm high
Product Literature:
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
Special thanks to John. L.
19.7 Grams

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