• graduation owl keychain
  • graduation owl keychain
  • graduation owl keychain

Graduation Owl


Product Description

Do you or your new graduate love owls? Then this is a must-have gift that will get used every day! Just look at this whimsical depiction of this wisest-looking of owls with a mortarboard on its head and perched on a rolled diploma, and you know you have the perfect little gift for any graduation party!
This lovely 3-dimensional Great Horned Owl is accurately reproduced from nature down to the feathers and is painstakingly hand carved and cast in genuine pewter. Sure to make a great gift for the wildlife lover in your life!

Other Information

3.5 cm high x 1.6 cm wide x 1.8 cm deep
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
26.0 Grams

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