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braindiagram-01.pngHere are a selection of freely downloadable scientific and technical diagrams related to TaylorCustom products. All diagrams are in easily printable PDF format. These diagrams are free to use for personal and non-profit educational purposes. Complete Terms of Use here.

t-shirt-thumb-03.jpgAlong with scientific diagrams, you will also find other documentation related to our products and more. Some of our diagrams are available in un-colored and unlabeled versions for educational and entertainment purposes. If you notice any errors, or have any suggestions for improving one of these documents, please contact us!

Many of these illustrations can be purchased on t-shirts and other substrates here.

Human Anatomy Diagrams
Subject/CategoryPDFUncoloredPNGRelated Product
Human Brain download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Human Brain Anatomy
Human Ear download-button-c.png download-button-uc.png download-button-c.png Human Ear Keychain
Human Eye Section download-button-c.png download-button-uc.png download-button-c.png Human Eye Keychain
Human Eye  download diagram     Anatomical Human Eye
Human Foot download-button-c.png     Anatomical Human Foot
Bones of the Hand download-button-c.png     Anatomical Human Hand
Head Sagittal-Section download diagram download-button-uc.png download-button-c.png Anatomical Human Head 
Human Heart download diagram   download-button-c.png Human Heart Locket
Kidney and Nephron download-button-c.png download-button-uc.png download-button-c.png Human Kidney Locket
Human Liver download diagram     Human Liver Locket
Human Skull download diagram     Human Skull Locket
Human Stomach download-button-c.png     Human Stomach Locket
Lumbar Spine download-button-c.png     Spinal Column Keychain
Tooth (Molar) download-button-c.png     Tooth Anatomy Locket


Animal Diagrams
Subject/CategoryColoredUncoloredPNGRelated Product
Beetle Morphology download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Beetle Earrings
Coelacanth Features download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Coelacanth Keychain
Cuttlefish Anatomy download-button-c.png download-button-uc.png   Cuttlefish Necklace
Fish Anatomy download-button-c.png download-button-uc.png download-button-c.png Fish Anatomy Necklace
Hermit Crab download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Hermit Crab Pendant
Honeybee anatomy download-button-c.png download-button-uc.png download-button-c.png Anatomical Honey Bee
Ladybug Morphology download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Ladybug Magnifier Pendant
Nematode C elegans download-button-c.png download-button-uc.png download-button-c.png C elegans Necklace
Orb Spider Web download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Orb Spider Necklace
Planarian download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Planarian Necklace
Tardigrade Anatomy download diagram   download-button-c.png Tardigrade Locket
Tortoise Anatomy download diagram download-button-uc.png download-button-c.png Anatomical Tortoise


Plant Biology Diagrams
Subject/CategoryColoredUncoloredPNGRelated Product
Arabidopsis flower download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Arabidopsis Flower Necklace
Flower Structure download-button-c.png     Flower Anatomy Keychain
Lichen download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Lichen Necklace
Oak Seedling download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Oak Seedling Necklace
Plant Cell download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Plant Cell Keychain


Cell and Molecular Biology Diagrams
Subject/CategoryColoredUncoloredPNGRelated Product
Antibody download-button-c.png     Antibody with Virus
Animal Cell download-button-c.png download-button-uc.png download-button-c.png Animal Cell Keychain
Microbial Multicellularity download diagram   download diagram Bacillus subtilis Necklace
Bacteriophage download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Bacteriophage Pendant
Siphoviridae Bacteriophage download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png BacterioPhage Pin
Bacterium download diagram   download-button-c.png Bacterium Keychain
Chloroplast download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Chloroplast Keychain
Choanoflagellate download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Choanoflagellate
Chromosome download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Chromosome Pendant
Mitochondrion download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Mitochondrion Locket
Neuron download-button-c.png download-button-uc.png download-button-c.png Neuron Earrings
Plant Cell download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Plant Cell Keychain
Virus (Herpesviridae) download diagram     Virus Keychain
Yeast Cell download diagram     Yeast Cell Locket


Geology and Paleontology
Subject/CategoryColoredUncoloredPNGRelated Product
Allosaurus Skull download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Allosaurus Skull Pendant
Ammonite download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Ammonite Concretion
Equine Skull download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Paleo Horse Skull Keychain
Eurypterid download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Eurypterid Pendant
Placoderm Dunkleosteus download-button-c.png     Dunkleosteus Keychain
Plate Tectonics download diagram   download-button-c.png Plate Tectonics
Triceratops Skull download-button-c.png     Triceratops Skull Keychain
Trilobite download-button-c.png download-button-uc.png download-button-c.png Trilobite Nodule
Tullimonstrum download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Tullimonstrum Concretion
Tyrannosaurus rex Skull download-button-c.png     T. rex Skull Clip Keychain


Musical Instrument Diagrams
Subject/CategoryColoredUncoloredPNGRelated Product
Acoustic Guitar download diagram   download-button-c.png Acoustic Guitar Locket
Grand Piano download diagram   download-button-c.png Piano Locket
Trumpet download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Trumpet Pendant
Violin / Viola / Cello  download diagram   download-button-c.png Violin Locket


Other Product Documentation
Subject/CategoryColoredUncoloredPNGRelated Product
Archaeological Tell download-button-c.png     Archaeological Tell
Baseball Glove download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Baseball Glove Pendant
Baxter Steam Engine download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Steam Engine Keychain
Benthic Habitats Keychain download-button-c.png     Benthic Habitats Keychain
Burgess Shale Keychain download-button-c.png     Burgess Shale Keychain
Renniassance Choanoflagellate     download-button-c.png Choanoflagellate Colony
Ediacaran Biota Fossils download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Ediacaran Biota Keychain
Phases of the Moon download-button-c.png     Sun and Moon Earrings
Plate Tectonic Planet download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Plate Tectonic Planet
Egyptian Sarcophagus Locket download-button-c.png     Egyptian Sarcophagus Locket
Solnhofen Limestone Keychain download-button-c.png     Solnhofen Limestone Keychain
Stratigraphy Keychain download diagram     Stratigraphy Keychain
Submarine Diagram download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Submarine Keychain
Turbofan Jet Engine download-button-c.png   download-button-c.png Turbofan Keychain


Terms of Use: You are free to use the diagrams and other downloadable documents on this page for personal and non-profit educational purposes only. Taylorcustom retains all rights to all contents. All copyrights, trademarks, and other proprietary notices should be retained in the same form and manner as on the original. NOT TO BE REDISTRIBUTED IN WHOLE OR IN PART WITHOUT EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM TAYLORCUSTOM.