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  • Cuttlefish Necklace open showing anatomy
  • Cuttlefish Necklace

Cuttlefish Necklace


Product Description

mini-cuttlefish.pngIf you are an aficionado of squid and cuttlefish, or a marine biologist, or just a lover of all things nautical, then you will love our cuttlefish necklace! This unique and skilfully crafted pendant captures the spirit of these beautiful and mysterious animals in an attractive two-toned finish. The mantle (muscular outer covering) of this cuttlefish is cast in antiqued pewter, showing off its intricate pattern, while the arms, body, and underlying anatomy are rendered in antiqued brass.

Like many of our items, this cuttlefish is also a carefully researched educational keepsake. If you pull on the arms of this cuttlefish, its head and body pull free of its mantle, revealing the internal anatomy of this amazing creature. The cuttlebone, gills, branchial and systemic hearts, and all of of the other organs are sculpted in minute detail. Let go of the arms, and the head and mantle snap back together.

Cuttlefish, along with their close cousins, the squid and octopus, comprise the group of coeloid cephalopods. Chromatophores in the skin of these enigmatic animals allow them to change color and pattern at will, making them masters of camouflage, and allowing them to display their emotions and intent. In control of these fantastic abilities, is one of the most advanced brains in the animal kingdom. This brain makes the cuttlefish and other cephalopods the most intelligent and dexterous of all invertebrates!

Comes with an adjustable-length 2 mm leather necklace cord.

Other Information

4.2 cm long X 2.1 cm wide X 1.2 cm thick
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
18.0 Grams

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