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Crinoid Pendant


Product Description

mini-crinoid-03.pngThis remarkably detailed pendant does not show a palm tree, or even a plant at all, but a crinoid (class Crinoidea), an animal closely related to the starfish that has rooted itself to the ocean floor. A survivor of hundreds of millions of years of evolution, the crinoid is a true "living fossil". Though less well known that the trilobites and ammonites, the crinoids have outlasted both, and are much sought after by invertebrate paleontologists and amateur fossil hunters. 

This gracefully swaying crinoid (a member of the genus Agaricocrinus), is sculpted with great detail on both sides, and cast in genuine pewter with an attractive antiqued finish. A unique and finely crafted fashion accessory for the discerning marine biologist, paleontologist, or fossil collector! 

Comes with an adjustable-length 2mm diameter leather necklace cord.

Other Information

3.5 cm high x 2.5 cm wide x 0.9 cm deep
Product Literature:
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
Special thanks to Dave C.
10.2 Grams