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  • choanoflagellate keychain
  • choanoflagellate keychain
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  • choanoflagellate keychain
  • choanoflagellate keychain

Choanoflagellate Keychain


Product Description

mini-choanoflagellate.pngMeet your 108 cousin! This unassuming little protozoan is thought to be the nearest single-celled relative to the progenitor of all animal life. Our choanoflagellate keychain is a carefully researched and crafted representation of this remarkable creature, and a reminder of the latent potential present in unexpected places!

The exterior of this keychain shows the choanoflagellate's characteristic ovoid shape, along with the flagellum and collar for which it is named. You can also see, at the base of the collar, a bacterium which has become entrapped by the currents created by the flagellum, and which is in the process of being engulfed!

One end of this choanoflagellate conceals a hinge, which allows you to peer within, at the cell's organelles and other internal structures. The choanoflagellate's idiosyncratic body plan is depicted in minute detail, from the food vacuole at its basal end to the basal bodies near its apex! Keychain comes with an attractive full-color diagram, making this an educational keepsake that is sure to please anyone with an interest in microbiology or in deep genealogy!

If you order the necklace option, your choanoflagellate will come with an adjustable-length 2mm leather necklace cord (attached), as well as a 7/8" keyring (unattached) so that you can swap cord and keyring if you change your mind.

Other Information

4.6 cm long X 1.9 cm wide X 1.6 cm deep
Product Literature:
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
Special thanks to Kayley Hake
26.4 Grams

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