• Burgess shale fossils keychain
  • Burgess shale fossils keychain
  • Burgess shale fossils keychain
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  • Burgess shale fossils keychain, Anomalocaris, Eldonia, Waptia, Marella, Odontogriphus, Wiwaxia
  • Burgess shale fossils keychain, Pikaia, Opabinia, Naraoia, Hallucigenia

Burgess Shale Fossils Keychain


Product Description

mini-burgess-shale.pngThis keychain represents the Burgess Shale, which is arguably the world's most famous, and most scientifically significant fossil-bearing rock formation!

The Burgess Shale is located high in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, but about 500 million years ago, it was slowly accumulating mud at the bottom of the sea. Conditions in this ancient sea were so ideal for the creation of fossils that soft body parts, which are not usually fossilized, were preserved in great detail. 

Embedded in the layers of this keychain, you can see opabinia, hallucigenia, pikaia, and many other of the strange organisms which were first identified in the Burgess Shale, and which have taught us so much about the origin and early development of complex multicellular life. The perfect gift for your favorite paleontologist!

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Other Information

Dimensions (not including keyring):
3.3 cm high X 2.3 cm wide X 1.1 cm thick
Produce Brochure:
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
31.0 Grams