• boa constrictor refrigerator magnet
  • boa constrictor refrigerator magnet

Boa Constrictor Magnet


Product Description

This boa constrictor refrigerator magnet is the perfect gift for the herpetologist or snake lover in your life! A powerful Rare Earth magnet holds this snake, along with your child's latest report card, to any ferromagnetic surface. This lovely reptile is accurately reproduced from nature (A baby ball python was used as the model) and is painstakingly handcarved and then cast in small batches here in the USA out of genuine pewter with brass finish. Made , this is no cheap mass-produced item, but an unusual and beautiful collector's item sure to be used every day

Other Information

3.9 cm wide X 1.1 cm high X 3.6 cm deep
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
20.0 Grams

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