Upcoming Products (part 1)

Upcoming Products (part 1)

Our upcoming Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus will be our most complex locket to-date!

The lid of the outer sarcophagus is decorated with a finely sculpted pharaoh, clutching the crook and flail that symbolized his or her kingly power and responsibility. The sides of the Sarcophagus show the goddess Maat, who can be identified by the presence of her feather, against which the hearts of the deceased are weighed. Also present are the Ankh and the Scarab, symbols that were often associated with ancient Egyptian burials


The highly detailed outer sarcophagus is only the beginning! The lid of the outer sarcophagus opens to reveal a beautifully crafted humaniform Coffin, which in-turn opens to reveal a mummy, which in-turn can also be raised! Amazingly, this extremely complex piece will weigh just 22 grams, and be light enough to be worn as a pendant.

The second, featured new product in our extensive line of scientific and anatomical keepsakes is a Human Tooth Locket:

This tooth is cleverly held together by a loop of wire that allows the enamel to slide up, off of the base of the tooth, which then hinges open to show, in spectacular detail, the internal structure of the tooth. 

Look for these (and other) remarkanle new products in the coming weeks!