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  • Banjo Pendant
  • Banjo Pendant
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  • Banjo Pendant
  • Banjo Pendant

Banjo Pendant


Product Description

A single plucked string is all that is needed to identify the unmistakable sound of the banjo. Evoking images of a simpler time and place, and the deeper roots of the West African instruments from which it is descended, the banjo has long been a favorite among bluegrass musicians, protest singers, and musical traditionalists of all kinds.

Our banjo pendant is accurately modeled to honor this darling among instruments. From the hooks surrounding the tension hoop to the tuning peg for the 5th (drone) string, no detail has been omitted! The rim, and the back portion of the neck and peg-head of our banjo have an antiqued brass finish that contrasts subtly with the antiqued pewter finish of its other parts. A great accessory for 49ers and folk musicians everywhere!

Comes with an adjustable-length 2 mm leather necklace cord.

Other Information

5.3 cm long X 2.2 cm wide X 0.9 cm deep
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
15.1 Grams