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  • bacteriophage drawer-pull
  • bacteriophage drawer pull
  • bacteriophage drawer pull

Bacteriophage Drawer Pull


Product Description

mini-bacteriophage-02.pngAdorn your laboratory or domicile with the amazing bacteriophage! This drawer pull depicts a T4 bacteriophage, of the family Myoviridae. With their iconic “lunar-lander” design, viruses of this family are among the most recognizable forms in nature, and are emblematic of the microscopic world.

The bacteriophages (viruses that infect bacteria and archeans) are among of the strangest denizens of the biosphere. Otherworldly, and mechanical in appearance, these entities have been objects of wonder ever since we have known of their existence. Perhaps most amazingly, bacteriophages have been found to be the most numerous biological entities on the planet by orders of magnitude!

Bacteriophages have proven to be remarkably useful to humans, in the study and manipulation of cells and biological molecules. Biology students, teachers, and professionals are all sure to appreciate this lovely symbol of Nature's complexity and diversity!

Other Information

5.5 cm high X 3.7 cm wide X 2.7 cm deep
Product Literature:
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
58.0 Grams