• antibody with virus keychain
  • antibody with virus keychain
  • antibody with virus keychain
  • antibody with virus keychain
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Antibody with Virus


Product Description

mini-antinody.pngWhether you are an immunologist or other biomedical researcher, or are simply in need of a booster, you are sure to enjoy our antibody keychain! This clever educationl accessory shows the structure of a typical monomer antibody in great detail. The various amino acid chains and regions, disulfide bonds, and other features are all faithfully depicted, as shown on the attractive color diagram that accompanies the keychain.

Beyond its form, this clever keychain also demonstrates the function of the antibody. Tethered to the Y-shaped antibody, is its own little virus (Not to scale!*). One of the antigens on the surface of this virus fits into the antigen binding regions of the antibody, showing how these remarkable entities work to neutralize pathogens and other foreign agents. A fun and unique gift for the biologist in your life!

*In order to be to scale with the antibody, the virus would need to be about the size of a bowling ball (assuming ~15nm height of antibody, and 90-100nm diameter for Adenovirus).

Other Information

Antibody Dimensions (not including keyring):
3.9 cm high (including loop) X 3.6 cm wide X 0.6 cm deep
Virus Dimensions:
2.2 cm high X 1.6 cm wide X 1.6 cm deep
Product Brochure:
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
19.0 Grams

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