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Ant Pin


Product Description

mini-ant-02.pngDespite their small size, insects are the dominant animals in many terrestrial ecosystems, and preeminent among insects are the ants! This highly detailed, sculptural pin honors these ubiquitous and indomitable critters!

The unprecedented success of ants (family Formicidae) is due, in no small part, to their brilliantly organized social structure. An ant colony is so tightly coordinated, that it is often thought of as a single "superorganism". The adaptability of these societies has allowed ants to form complex interrelationships with other organisms. The leaf atop which this ant is perched is emblematic of the integral and indispensable role played by these animals.

Comes in an attractive two-toned finish. The ant, finished in antiqued brass, stands atop a leaf that is finished in antiqued pewter.  A great gift for entomologists, insect aficionados, and nature lovers of every caste!

Other Information

Dimensions (including leaf):
3.7 cm high x 2.7 cm wide x 1.1 cm deep
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
18.6 Grams