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  • tortoise anatomy keychain
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Anatomical Tortoise


Product Description

mini-tortoise.pngIf you love turtles and tortoises, then you will love our anatomical tortoise! This African Spurred Tortoise (also known as a sulcata tortoise) is superbly crafted, but the best part is inside.Both the carapace and the plastron open up with the help of an artfully concealed hinge, showing every detail of this tortoises anatomy.
Can be used as a keychain, zipper pull or desk ornament. Comes with a detailed diagram of internal and external tortoise anatomy. A truly unique scientific gift for herpetologists and reptile lovers!

Product Videos

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  • sulcata tortoi...

Other Information

Dimensions (not including keyring):
3.7 cm long (not including loop) X 2.8 cm wide X 1.5 cm tall
Product Brochure:
Made in the USA of genuine pewter.
27.0 Grams

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