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Anatomical Jumping Spider Keychain


Product Description

mini-jumping-spider.pngThe fast and agile jumping spiders are the largest family (Salticidae) among the spiders.  Here is Phiddipus audax (known commonly as the daring or bold jumping spider) pearched on a raspberry, waiting in ambush for prey insects that come to feed on fruit.

Our Jumping Spider Keychain is a carefully crafted sculptural keepsake, but it is also much more! Concealed within the berry is a hinge which allows both berry an spider to be opened up, revailing the spider's internal anatomy. The branchings of the spiders digestive, circulatory and nervous systems, the book lung, and other features are all rendered in meticulous detail!

Comes with a detailed diagram of internal and external spider anatomy. A unique educational gift for your favorite arachnologist!

Other Information

Dimensions (not including keyring):
3.4 cm long X 2.1 cm wide X 2.9 cm high
Broduct Brochure:
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
Special thanks to W. B.
35.0 Grams