• anatomical human eye keychain
  • anatomical human eye keychain
  • anatomical human eye in open position
  • anatomical human eye interior
  • anatomical human eye keychain packaging insert
  • anatomical human eye posterior view showing eyepiece lens.
  • anatomical human eye

Anatomical Human Eye Keychain


Product Description

mini-eye.pngCheck out our fantastic new Anatomical Human Eye! Carefully researched and accurately sculpted. Details such as the vortex veins and ciliary arterties are rendered as faithfully as if this were a full scale classroom model.

Open our eye up to see its internal structure, and around the perimeter, you can see the fibrous, vascular, and retinal tunics (or layers).

Not only is our eye an accurate anatomical model, but it also serves as a functional demonstration of the eye's optics! An acrylic lens serves to focus an image just as the lens and cornea do in a real eye, and an eyepiece lens located at the eye's macula allows you to view the inverted image that is projected onto the retina. 

Other Information

Dimensions (not including Keyring):
2.9 cm wide X 3.1 cm nigh X 2.9 cm deep
Product Brochure:
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
Special thanks to Stu. S.
39.0 Grams

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