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  • ear anatomy keychain
  • ear anatomy keychain
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Anatomical Human Ear


Product Description

mini-ear.pngListen up! Everyone will be all ears when you show off this anatomical human ear keychain. If you or someone you love is an otolaryngologist, audiologist, scientist, or just a good listener, then this is a must-have for you! This cross-section of the human ear is accurately reproduced from nature all the way down to the malleus, incus, and stapes and is painstakingly hand carved.

An unusual and beautiful item sure to be used every day. Please raise your hand when you hear the beep....

Other Information

Dimensions (not including keyring):
3.7 cm wide X 2.3 cm high X 1.7 cm deep
Ear Anatomy Diagram:
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
27.5 Grams