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  • Honey Bee, Aorta, Brain, Ganglia, Venom Gland, Sting, Abdominal Tracheal Sac, Tracheae, Heart, Convoluted part of Aorta, Thoracic Tracheal Sacs
  • Honey Bee, Malphigean Tubules, Ventriculus, Intestine, Rectum, Nasonov Gland, Salivary Gland, Oesophagus, Lateral Muscle, Dorsoventral Muscle, Crop
  • Honey Bee, Hypopharyngeal Gland, Salivary Gland, Mandibular Gland
  • Honey Bee with Keys
  • honeubee keychain packaging

Anatomical Honey Bee Keychain


Product Description

mini-honeybee-01.pngOur honey bee locket is both a beautifully crafted keepsake, and a meticuloustly researched miniature scientific model. This bee opens opens up with the help of a hinge concealed between its wings, to reveail its internal anatomy in magnificent detail. Each organ is precisely rendered, right down to the tiny Nasonov gland!

The interior of the left side of our bee shows its general anatomy, including the circulatory, nervous and respiratory systems. The interior of the right side shows several important glands of the bees endocrine system, along with the digestive system, which is responsible both for providing the bee itself with nutrients, and for the creation of honey.

Our Anatomical Honey Bee celebrates this humble creature to which mankind, and natural ecosystems owe so much. A sweet gift for your favorite entomologist, beekeeper or honey lover!

Other Information

Dimensions (not including keyring):
3.4 cm long X 2.0 cm wide X 3.3 cm high
Made in the USA of Genuine Pewter
Special thanks to Dean. S.
31.0 Grams

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