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Music And Sound!


Soon we will be introducing a whole new category: Music and Sound!

Pictured here is the opening lineup in this new category: Two guitars, acoustic and electric, and a violin. These instruments will be introduced in the coming weeks, and like many of the other products in our line, there is more to them than is readily apparent!

Inside of each instrument-locket, every block, rib and strip used in their construction is faithfully reproduced so as to appeal to both musicians and luthiers!

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Upcoming Products (part 1)

Our upcoming Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus will be our most complex locket to-date!The lid of the outer sarcophagus is decorated with a finely sculpted pharaoh, clutching the crook and flail that symbolized his or her kingly power and responsibility. The sides of the Sarcophagus show the goddess Maat, who can be identified by the presence of her feather, against [...]

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