Ediacaran Biota

Here is a preview of our upcoming Ediacaran Biota fossil formation keychain. These fossils were left behind by the very earliest known macroscopic multicellular life forms to live on Earth! Fossils of the Ediacaran Biota are known from rock formations worldwide, including Mistaken point in Newfoundland, the Ediacara Hills in Australia, and Doushantuo in China.

These Fossils, laid down more than 540 million years ago, are truly enigmatic. They look like nothing we know, and their relationship to living life forms is a hotly debated topic!

This keychain will be even more complex than our previous fossil formation pieces, the Burgess Shale, and the Solnhofen Limestone. It will have four parts in order to accommodate fossils from the three major "assemblages" in which they are found. These assemblages, known as "Avalon", "White Sea", and "Nama", reflect variation in both time frame and habitat.