Ediacaran Biota

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Here is a preview of our upcoming Ediacaran Biota fossil formation keychain. These fossils were left behind by the very earliest known macroscopic multicellular life forms to live on Earth! Fossils of the Ediacaran Biota are known from rock formations worldwide, including Mistaken point in Newfoundland, the Ediacara Hills in Australia, and Doushantuo in China.

These Fossils, laid down more than 540 million years ago, are truly enigmatic. They look like nothing we know, and their relationship to living life forms is a hotly debated topic!

This keychain will be even more complex than our previous fossil formation pieces, the Burgess Shale, and the Solnhofen Limestone. It will have four parts in order to accommodate fossils from the three major "assemblages" in which they are found. These assemblages, known as "Avalon", "White Sea", and "Nama", reflect variation in both time frame and habitat.

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Natural History of the Trilobite... Keychain

Our first multi-piece items, Planet Earth, and Heart Locket. were introduced way back in 2010! These items were evolutionary nodes, of sorts, which have given rise to widely varied range of articulating descendants,a small selection of which are seen here:As with a real evolutionary tree, horizontal gene transfer and other phenomena make the ancestral relationships of our items impossible to truly [...]

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Music And Sound!

Soon we will be introducing a whole new category: Music and Sound!Pictured here is the opening lineup in this new category: Two guitars, acoustic and electric, and a violin. These instruments will be introduced in the coming weeks, and like many of the other products in our line, there is more to them than is readily apparent!Inside [...]

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Upcoming Products (part 1)

Our upcoming Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus will be our most complex locket to-date!The lid of the outer sarcophagus is decorated with a finely sculpted pharaoh, clutching the crook and flail that symbolized his or her kingly power and responsibility. The sides of the Sarcophagus show the goddess Maat, who can be identified by the presence of her feather, against [...]

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Lagerstatte Pocket Lockets

We use the German word "Lagerst├Ątte" (meaning "repository") to refer to rock formations which contain a large concentration of fossils, or which contain extraordinaraly well preserved fossils. The Burgess Shale, and the Solnhofen Limestone depicted in our line of Pocket Lockets are two of the most famous, and most scientifically valuable of these Lagerst├Ątte.Due to the conditions at the [...]

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Anatomy of a Virus

Viruses are curious entities, whose origins are shrouded in mystery! Here is an up-close look at our  virus keychain :Among the Human Herpes Viruses (HHV).are several which are well known, such as Epstein Barr virus, Varicella Zoster Virus (the cause of Chicken Pox), and the ever popular Herpes Simplex Viruses. This image shows the keychain in its fully closed [...]

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What the heck is a Hilum?

Are the vessels and structures on our Anatomical Liver accurate, or are they just a random jumble of tubes meant to look cool, like the meaningless protrusions on a science-fiction spaceship*? The answer is that everything has been carefully researched, and is as accurate as we can make it given the small size of the piece (and [...]

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